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The Green World Nursery School is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education.  It is owned and operated by Libby A. Santacroce.  The Green  World Nursery  School has a non-discriminatory policy and accepts all persons regardless of race,color  or national origin.

The school year begins the Tuesday after Labor Day and runs until the end of May.  Children in the three year  old group are accepted after the teacher is contacted, an application is filled  out and returned, anda registration fee is paid.  This registration fee is non-refundable and will  not be deducted from the first month's payment.  Instead it will be used to purchase insurance and to secure the child's place in preschool.  The following year the children in the three year old class are given priority in the four year old group.  After January 15th,  all other interested persons may register.  A child must have turned three by September 1st of the year he would be attending in order to register for the three year old group. This policy also applies to all children registering for the four year old group, only they must have turned four by September first.

At the end of each school year, the children will be given student performance reports.  These reports will  be confidential records of each child's progress in Nursery School.  In order to protect the right of privacy of pupils and their parents or legal guardians,only the director-teacher shall have access to these records.  If, at any time during the year,  a parent or legal guardian wishes to examine these records,  they may do so as long as they are accompanied by the director/teacher.  Anyone else who wishes  to examine these records may do so only after the director-teacher has received written permissionfrom the parents or legal guardians.  All student performance reports will be kept on  file at Green World for one year after the pupil has left the school.  These records will  not be sent to any outside agency unless a written request to do so is sent to the school by the child's  parents or legal guardian.

Philosophy and Objectives

Because Nursery School is often  a child's first group experience away from home, it is very important that this experience be a positive one.  When the school and home can work closely together, the transition between the two will be natural and positive for the child.  Green World  has a "helping hands" program which means that approximately once a month each family helps in the classroom.  Each year in March, there is a "Parent's Night".  On that night, the parents come  to school with their children and participate in the activities.  Monthly newsletters and calendars are sent home telling families of planned activities.  In May, a form is sent home and the parents are given the opportunity to evaluate the program.  On the last day of school,each child receives a student performance report.  Through these parent-teacher cooperative efforts, the child is able to grow and learn in a secure environment, gaining confidence in themselves, in  others, and in  the world around them.  Green World's program provides free time as well as structured time for the children.  An appropriate pre-school program includes  the following activities: